Druckerspoolers v2 with new features released

Our printer spooler is the useful solution to print documents directly from xentral. It connects the Online with the Offline world and sets standards in terms of installation and features. Having enjoyed great popularity with the first version, we have now released the second version of the Druckerspooler with some useful new features. Those include: revised code better performance and faster printing improved UI


ERP in ecommerce

According to the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association, e-commerce is the new normal. With a total turnover of 107 billion euros in 2021, every seventh euro spent by private households went to online trade; if you subtract grocery shopping, it is already every fifth euro. Online trade has been booming for years, and the Corona pandemic has provided an additional boost. Just

Lean ERP

Advantages of a lean ERP

When thinking of Lean, one first thinks of Lean Software Development. This term is based on Lean Production and transfers the principles of this process to the development of software. The principles of lean production include avoiding waste and using production factors from all areas of the company economically and efficiently. Production factors can be operating resources, personnel, materials, but also the planning and


Lean ERP, efficient processes: greenyogashop goes xentral

You want to know why Marten Peyser, co-founder of greenyogashop, tells us that with xentral he was able to optimise processes and structures that had been created over the years by working with his own system? In our current success story, we show you how the two founders, their employees and the company benefit from the implementation Lean ERP-Systems xentral by ruhr.agency and what


How Covid has changed business models

Covid as a catalyst for Digitization In the past few years, we have witnessed digital progress like never before. The Internet, smartphones, apps and artificial intelligence marked a watershed in our lives. But this development didn’t just reach our private lives. The business world was hit by these changes as well. Urban centers are extinct as we increasingly consume online, enterprise software is no

success story xentral mymarini

How MYMARINI optimises its decentralised structures thanks to xentral ERP

Sustainability in both production and consumption is all the rage. How can we reduce our ecological footprint and leave a world worth living in for the next generations? Mareen Burk asked herself these questions back in 2013, and her answer was to found a company for sustainable, fairly produced swimwear. MYMARINI is a label that produces functional and fashionable swimwear and accessories with a


When the fax beeps – automated processes despite outdated technology

You think the fax is dead? Far from it. Faxes are still sent today, for example to place orders. What seems absolutely anachronistic due to advancing digitisation still remains a reality in many companies. This also applies to a large group of food retailers. Here, various products are sent to suppliers by fax using a standardised order form. Although faxes can nowadays be received


Process automation driving digitization

There is widespread consensus that digitization is one of the most important challenges of our time. Digitization affects all areas of our lives: leisure, education, government, mobility and the economy. Much has been reported recently about the rapid progress of digitization, and the majority of the population also sees it as a major step forward and as a means of securing our prosperity. Digitization


8 good reasons for an ERP system

Over the past 30 years, the world has changed from an analog to a digital world. What used to be done by phone or fax is now mastered by email or app. The technologies we will use in the future are still yet to be seen. But one thing is clear: The digital revolution is in full swing and we are only at the