Odoo 17 – What’s new?

Odoo 17

Odoo is a lean and modular open source ERP developed by the Belgian company Odoo S.A.. It has been optimized and enhanced with the help of a global community for over 20 years and now covers almost all business areas, including sales, purchasing, warehouse management, production, accounting, human resources and much more. What makes Odoo special is that it offers a comprehensive suite of applications that are aligned and can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete ERP system.

The reason why Odoo is so popular with customers and users alike is the constant development based on customer feedback and the active help of a very progressive community. Just in time for the Odoo Experience, the latest version 17 has now been released, which scores particularly well in terms of user experience and design, but also offers new features and has eliminated old bugs.

We would like to briefly present the most important new features in Odoo 17:

UX and Design

The design has been fundamentally revised and now offers greater clarity and a look and feel that is based on mobile applications.

Odoo’s Progressive Web Apps, PWA, have been equipped with shortcuts so that users can easily switch between applications. For example, dialog boxes can be confirmed anywhere in Odoo with the shortcut CTRL+Enter. In addition, every user can now rearrange their app icons on the dashboard by dragging and dropping them. Odoo’s progressive web app now makes it easier to share content that the user is currently viewing thanks to a button in the user menu.

Data records can be selected quickly using the keyboard and the shift key and the selection can be canceled with a single click. List and Kanban column headings remain visible even when scrolling to improve the readability of the data.

New Features in Odoo 17

Enhanced search function

The enhanced search function has been improved to perform more efficient and powerful searches by selecting records directly from related data instead of relying on slow text searches.


With the new reminder feature in the Signature module, you can keep track of documents that are waiting for your signature.

Simple quote creation and real-time customization

With Odoo 17 you can easily create quotes while visiting a customer – you can select products, adjust quantities and change your sales order together with the customer.

Self-ordering and convenient mobile payment

Improved customer experience through the option of self-ordering via tablets or cell phones. Customers can place orders by scanning a QR code and payments can be processed conveniently.

Easily visualize company hierarchy and structures

Odoo 17 introduces a departmental organization chart that provides an excellent visual representation of your company and employee structure.

Efficient resource booking for company facilities and premises

Manage resources efficiently and allow visitors to book various facilities such as tennis courts, meeting rooms and restaurant tables with just one click.

Easy returns management

Returns can now be created and scanned as barcodes.

Optimized order confirmation

Improve order confirmation by requesting partial payments. This feature allows customers to confirm orders by making partial payments, thus increasing the order commitment

Seamless management of recurring product deliveries and subscriptions

Optimize recurring product deliveries with subscription services. Odoo 17 now processes recurring deliveries of stockable products in your subscription model.

Improved collaboration with shared spreadsheets

Share snapshots of your spreadsheets with your employees and give them access to your reports for better collaboration and insights.

Automated attendance and overtime recording

Simplify attendance management and overtime calculation with the attendance and working time functions. Odoo automates the calculation of overtime, saves time and ensures accuracy.

Better tracking with additional property fields for detailed information

Improve inventory management by adding property fields to store and display additional information for each item for better tracking and management.

Improved synchronization with Amazon

The sync with Amazon has been adjusted so that you can now update the available quantities for offers via “Fulfilled by Merchant” (FBM) on Amazon depending on stock levels.

Odoo 17 takes another big step forward in terms of design, usability and new features and meets the demands of our customers from the eCommerce sector in particular. You can find an overview of all the new features here. If you have any questions about Odoo, our team of experts will be happy to help you at any time.