Odoo CRM: Functionalities and Apps

Odoo CRM

Knowing the customer journey is the cornerstone of successful sales in online business. It describes where potential customers’ touchpoints with the company or product are located and what the “customer journey” looks like until the sale is closed. Digitally mapping the entire process is the supreme discipline. A customer relationship management system, or CRM for short, is usually used for this purpose. Odoo ERP also offers its customers the possibility of CRM.

Odoo is an open source ERP developed by the Belgian company Odoo S.A.. It covers various business areas, including sales, purchasing, warehouse management, production, accounting, human resources and much more. What makes Odoo special is that it offers a comprehensive suite of applications that are aligned and can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete ERP system. One of these modules is Odoo CRM, which we will introduce in this article and take a comprehensive look at its functionalities and apps.

These functionalities and applications are included in Odoo CRM

Individual workflows and automation for sales teams:
Odoo CRM enables the creation of customized workflows that correspond exactly to your individual sales processes. You can customize your sales cycles and activities and automate recurring tasks. This minimizes manual intervention and saves valuable time. For example, you can set up automatic email responses that react to certain customer actions, such as sending follow-up emails after a conversation.

Rule-based lead assignment:
With Odoo CRM you can assign leads smartly and based on defined criteria, such as location or industry. This ensures that the right sales employee always processes the right lead.

Efficient activity management:
Odoo CRM is your central tool for planning and tracking customer activities. Whether calls, meetings or follow-ups – everything is displayed clearly. Automatic notifications ensure that you always have an overview. Every interaction is saved in the customer or lead history log so that you can track the entire communication history.

Comprehensive sales analytics and reporting:
Odoo offers you a detailed overview of your sales activities. Customize your dashboard and access real-time analytics and reports. This allows you to react quickly to market developments and adapt your sales strategy.

Automatic enrichment of company data:
Odoo CRM can automatically complete company data based on website or e-mail address. The focus is always on data protection.

Targeted lead generation:
Identify leads based on specific criteria such as industry or company size to optimize your sales activities.

Digital signature and contract management:
Odoo CRM speeds up the contract signing process with the option of obtaining signatures digitally. Manage all contract documents centrally and keep an eye on the status of signatures.

Phone and e-mail integration:
Odoo seamlessly integrates phone and e-mail functions. Make and receive calls directly via the platform and automatically link them to the corresponding contacts. E-mails can be sent and received directly from the CRM, with all communication being saved in the respective data record. This means you always have an overview of the communication process with customers and leads.

Smart scheduler with calendar synchronization:
A special feature of Odoo CRM is the integrated appointment scheduler. Thanks to synchronization with your Google calendar, customers can independently view available time slots and make an appointment with you directly.

Mobility and flexibility with the Odoo CRM app:
In today’s world, mobility is essential in everyday business life. Odoo CRM takes this into account with a user-friendly mobile app. This enables your sales staff to access important customer information, leads and sales data at all times, even when they are on the move. Whether you are in the field, on business trips or working from home – with the Odoo CRM app you always have your sales management in your pocket. This not only increases efficiency, but also the ability to respond to customer inquiries and needs.

Customization options:
Every company is unique, and Odoo CRM understands that. Thanks to its open architecture, the platform offers a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. You can tailor the system precisely to the specific requirements and processes of your company. Whether it’s integrating special functions, customizing workflows, integrating additional modules or adding your own fields – with Odoo CRM you have the freedom to design a tailor-made CRM solution that fits your business model perfectly.

Scalability for growing companies:
Odoo CRM is not only designed for the current state of your company, but also for its future growth. The platform is highly scalable and adapts flexibly to the changing requirements of your business. As your company grows and develops, you can easily add further modules and functions to your existing CRM system. This ensures that you always have the tools you need to manage your sales and business processes efficiently, regardless of the size or complexity of your company.


Odoo CRM offers companies of all sizes and industries state-of-the-art functionality that can be expanded as required thanks to the seamless integration of additional modules. So Odoo CRM can keep pace with your growth. Overall, Odoo CRM offers sales teams a powerful platform to optimize the entire sales process, from lead generation to order processing. It facilitates the tracking of sales opportunities, improves customer service and provides analysis tools for performance monitoring. With its integration into other business areas, it offers a comprehensive solution that helps companies to work more effectively and increase their sales.