Data Warehousing and Data Lake

Big Data, analytics and reporting – getting more out of your data.

With a data warehouse, i.e. DWH, heterogeneous data from different systems can be accumulated, integrated and structured. Unlike data from systems in the operating environment, a DWH is organized in such a way that relevant data is clustered to make it accessible for analysis and reporting. The Data Lake, on the other hand, goes one step further: data can come in structured and unstructured form and is collected in a file-based cloud store. The existing data does not need to be prepared and can be used for real-time analysis and machine learning.

Data Warehouse & Data Lake

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For our data lake platform, we rely on the current standard in data lake housing: Databricks. Different formats and different storage locations belong to the past with the Data Lakehouse platform. Databricks ensures that the already structured data for data processing and data analysis is created and harmonized in an optimized format in a cloud storage. This allows you to combine the processed data for reports and analyses to gain information.

Your Benefits

Make better decisions

Unique KPIs and consistent data build the foundation for strategic and operational business alignment and better decision making.

Save time & costs

Fast and centralized access to your data for analysis and reporting means greater efficiency and huge time savings.

Generate new Knowledge

Analytics and reporting based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can help you gain new insights.

Automate Processes

We agglomerate, historicize, and enrich your data so that it is stored optimally for analysis. Your advantage: Your productive systems are relieved and your data is consolidated. By linking data from different systems, the information value increases and processes can be automated more easily.

Increase scalability and availability

If you opt for a DWH in the cloud, you do not need a separate IT infrastructure and can access the data in the DWH at any time and from anywhere. As your business grows, the DWH grows with you.

Perform real-time analysis of Big Data

If you have structured and unstructured data from heterogeneous systems, a data lake is suitable for storing and preparing it for real-time analysis. Your advantage: Data does not have to be prepared before storage and is available in raw format.


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