How MYMARINI optimises its decentralised structures thanks to xentral ERP

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Fashion Design

17 Employees

1 Flagship Store and 2 Online Shops (B2B & B2C)

Europe-wide distribution


It all starts with an idea. This also applies to MYMARINI. Founders naturally focus first on the product and production and secondly on logistics and sales. The first two points are within the direct sphere of influence of the entrepreneurs, the areas of logistics and sales are usually also steered by external influences.

This was also the case with MYMARINI. What began with an online store grew within a short period of time into a distribution network of very different channels. In addition, MYMARINI’s logistics were relocated to Triberg in the Black Forest in 2016. MYMARINI grew rapidly, among other things because the topics of sustainability and fairly manufactured products received an incredible boost in recent years. On the other hand, a decentralized structure in sales and logistics grew with it: retailers and customers, local stores, online stores, back office and warehouse at different locations.

The two owners wanted to centralize all of this with the help of a lean ERP system in order to obtain a better reporting as well as optimized processes. In addition, they needed an enterprise resource planning system, since until then most of the work had been done by the store software Shopify itself. xentral seemed to be the appropriate system for this purpose, after all, the rapid growth should be placed on a secure foundation through professional structures and processes. For the implementation and onboarding of the ERP, the owners of MYMARINI came across

Logo Mymarini


MYMARINI was founded in 2013 by Mareen Burk with the aim of producing high quality, sustainable and fairly produced swimwear. With MYMARINI, an adult, fashionable and at the same time functional label was born that produces swimwear with minimal impact on the planet and respect for all people involved. What started as a small start-up got its first growth spurt in 2015 when it was first mentioned in a women’s magazine. MYMARINI now employs 17 people and sells swimwear, leisurewear and accessories across Europe through its own onlineshops, the flagship store in Hamburg, but also through a widespread local retailer network and various online stores. Since 2017 William Albright is the second partner of MYMARINI.

Project history

The requirements for the project were well defined: xentral was to be set up as an ERP system and the onlineshops were to be connected via interfaces. In addition to the company’s own webshops, an interface to the store of Avocado, an external partner, was also to be set up. Setting up inventory management was another requirement of the project, as was implementing the Druckerspooler developed by so that MYMARINI could print labels directly from xentral. Finally, the very cherry on top was to be the setup of Shopify POS for MYMARINI’s flagship store. With the help of this interface, a local retail store can be connected to the online shop system and xentral.

The project was implemented fairly quickly thanks to an agile approach by During this time, not only the interfaces were coded and the xentral system was set up. Involving the employees as well as working out pain points and creating processes are important for the success of such projects. Onboarding and training of employees is part of the portfolio and was also implemented for MYMARINI. In addition, processes for logistics were created and inventory management was connected from Netstock to xentral.

The owners of MYMARINI made a conscious decision in favor of because of the agile approach and were to be proven right in the course of the project. Even though a few obstacles had to be overcome when connecting Shopify due to missing stock figures, the project was successfully implemented within a very short time.


The challenges of this project were huge and yet was able to achieve a great result for MYMARINI. Previously, MYMARINI did not have an enterprise resource planning system and the warehouse management had yet to be set up. Various connections of onlineshops, a local store, a retailer portal as well as the setup of a Druckerspooler for label printing turned a previously heterogeneous environment without processes into a homogeneous, centralized management with clearly defined workflows.

The requirements for an ERP could be optimally implemented by xentral’s lean system and MYMARINI’s employees also appreciate the use of the new ERP. What the employees have come to appreciate is equally true for the owners of MYMARINI. They are extremely satisfied with the result of the project:

“Thanks to and the ERP from xentral, we at MYMARINI were able to consolidate our various locations, stores and warehouse and also connect our flagship store via shopify. With the scripts programmed by for this purpose, we can now use a central tool for our decentralized business model, which has more than paid off in a very short time.”
William Albright Owner MYMARINI


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