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Why ERP?

Digitisation is advancing inexorably and companies need to map their processes digitally. An ERP system provides many advantages in this respect.

Why Data Analytics?

Data is the cornerstone of your business success, but not all data is the same. This is why data analytics is much more than just consolidating and preparing your data.

3 reasons why you need an ERP

Especially in small and medium-sized businesses, different applications are in use for warehouse management, accounting or customer care. The problem: the individual solutions cannot communicate with each other and a holistic view of suppliers, customers or products is missing. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, you link all the important areas of your company with each other and can thus better boost your business. Whether it’s communication with customers or suppliers, accounting or logistics – with just one software for all areas, you always maintain an overview and can track individual KPIs much better. A central ERP system streamlines and automates your processes and you can focus on the basics again.

Process optimisation

If the ordering system is linked to the logistics department and if the purchasing department knows when certain items are more in demand and stock levels need to be increased, then processes run more smoothly and quickly. With an ERP system, it is possible to map all of these and other best practices in companies.

Costs & Time

Thanks to process-oriented workflows, automated and manual tasks mesh seamlessly. Optimized processes from purchasing to dunning, the time saved by employees through automation and a higher level of acceptance resulting in higher employee motivation reduce costs in the company.

Data Quality

What was manually compiled in Excel lists or doubled up in different systems without ERP is standardized and automated with ERP. Sources of error and data loss due to transmission errors are eliminated and the consistency of the data is ensured.

Our Customers

Our Services

We are experts in digitizing your business processes with the help of an ERP system. But ERP is only one cornerstone of our expertise. What is the lifeblood of an ERP? Data. Therefore, our expertise is not only the implementation of a lean ERP, but also the preparation, analysis and visualization of your data, because only with a holistic approach you really create added value. Our services at a glance:


With an ERP system, you digitally map all your business processes and ensure more transparency, efficiency and increased employee motivation in your company.

Data Warehousing

With a data warehouse, heterogeneous data from different systems can be accumulated, integrated and structured, and then prepared for analysis and reporting.


Dashboards represent the information center of your company and provide you with a simple and quick overview of key figures relevant to your company.

Business Intelligence

Data extraction, preparation of this data, conception and creation of data analyses, system architecture or programming of specific applications? Ask us!

Success Stories

Check out our expertise and take a look at our references:

Logo Mymarini

Decentralized structure, centralized processes

Thanks to xentral ERP and, MYMARINI consolidates its decentralized structures and optimizes its processes.

Logo More nutrition

ERP implementation with xentral

Through the implementation of xentral ERP, More Nutrition now designs its IT and organisational processes to be lean, highly scalable and automated.


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