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Companies that grow so strongly in such a short period of time are always subject to the risk of reaching certain growth thresholds. Such growth thresholds affect a wide variety of areas of a company, for example sales and marketing, the organizational structure or digitization and/or the IT infrastructure. The founders of More Nutrition, Christian Wolf and Michael Weigl, saw the obstacles to rapid growth primarily in the areas of IT and organization. These areas needed to be set up for the future with the help of a lean, highly scalable ERP system.

Since More Nutrition’s sales take place primarily online via its own store, but also in the Amazon Marketplace and in various social media channels, it was obvious from the outset that an ERP system must above all have a scalable, cloud-based architecture so that, on the one hand, the peak loads for orders during flash sales can be mapped and, on the other hand, as many interfaces as possible to other systems can be created. In addition to these two factors, however, the classic functions of an ERP system such as accounting, merchandise management, purchasing and customer management should also be integrated at the same time.

In their search for a suitable system, the founders came across xentral. Since xentral ERP fulfilled the requirements mentioned, the suitable implementation partner was finally found with as premium partner for xentral.

Logo More nutrition

About More Nutrition

More Nutrition attracted attention in December 2017 with the slogan #changetheindustry. Since then, the founding team Christian Wolf and Michael (Mic) Weigl have been offering nutritional supplements which are scientifically proven to work. On their Instagram account, they present the sports nutrition under the label More Nutrition with “laboratory-tested best quality”.

Since the start, the range has grown considerably. In addition to More Nutrition Essentials, the Every Workout is available to support training, the sleep-improving lozenges More Sleep, the low-calorie flavor powder Chunky Flavour, and many vegan products. For some time now, the new energy drink Synergy was made available in stores, without sugar and excessive caffeine.

With their supplements, the founders have managed to grow in a very strong cutthroat market in a very short time through their social media presence. Within just a few years, the company expanded rapidly and became a major player with a total of 80 employees.

Project history

The requirements for the project were well defined. A cloud-based IT infrastructure with a link to existing functional areas such as the online store was to be designed and developed. The focus in this regard included the integration of high-performance interfaces to the store systems and payment service providers, so that up to 50,000 orders per day could be mapped without any problems. On the ERP side, logistics, accounting, support, customer management and purchasing were to be integrated – a project with a wide range of requirements.

In the course of the project, xentral’s own standard process for logistics was also customized for More Nutrition. The goal was to increase shipping speed and improve logistics efficiency. In addition, a separate pallet storage module was developed for managing pallet goods and an interface to the payment service provider Mollie was programmed.

In keeping with the company’s strategy, not only cleaned up and harmonized the existing data structure for better data analysis and more advanced business intelligence applications, but also developed a number of process automations with the help of Python. These include, for example, the automated and event-based dispatch of customer e-mails, the automation and adaptation of xentral DATEV financial accounting as well as various other data exports. To facilitate the use of xentral, also adapted the graphical user interface so that More Nutrition employees enjoy an optimized user experience, especially on mobile devices.


Online store failures or lack of communication with external service providers have been a thing of the past since the successful switch to xentral ERP and Shopify. set up an ERP system with plenty of individual functionalities for More Nutrition, which not only help the employees. Thanks to the automation and optimization of many processes, customer satisfaction was also significantly increased. However, the two founders of More Nutrition, Christian Wolf and Michael Weigl, do not only appreciate the benefits very much:


“Our old IT architecture was not up to the challenges of our rapid growth. With Shopify, xentral ERP and as a partner agency, we have now all the options to map our business in a future-proof, scalable and highly automated way.”

Michael Weigl CEO More Nutrition


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