How PURISH manages over 3,000 orders a day with Odoo

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Strong growth since its foundation in 2017


E-business means above all digital processes, orders, service, etc. Order peaks vary enormously depending on the season. At peak times, PURISH receives over 3,000 orders a day via the online shop. Until our go-live, these orders were processed manually and without integrated systems. The products were not recorded digitally and the daily work in the warehouse also consisted of analogue processes. These were to be fundamentally renewed and digitalised with the introduction of an ERP system. We at recommended Odoo ERP to those responsible at PURISH and accompanied the implementation process as a partner and consultant.



PURISH is a fast-growing beauty retailer from Berlin. Since its foundation in 2017, PURISH has aimed to make internationally relevant beauty brands easily and quickly available on the European market. Thanks to the close brand partnerships, a diverse portfolio was quickly built up, which to date includes over 100 top brands from all over the world.

Over the years, further business areas were added in distribution in order to provide additional support to brand partners. Products are not only offered via the company’s own shop, but also via other sales channels. The focus is on the evaluation of suitable brands, acquisition and target group-orientated advertising.

Project history

The advantage of introducing an ERP system from scratch is basically that all processes can be optimally mapped without affecting day-to-day business. Another advantage: the data quality is better and the digital processes can be introduced more easily because the error tolerance for product master data or stock levels, for example, is very low. We already started with the preparations: in addition to preparing the master data, the warehouse was digitalised, ordering and shipping processes were introduced and the employees were trained accordingly.

Progress was documented in regular meetings and the previously defined milestones were monitored. One crucial point from our specifications related to master data quality. To do this, the products for which no SKU or barcode was available, for example, first had to be filled in with the corresponding data. During the first initial import, the Odoo functionality revealed which products had a duplicate SKU and/or barcode. This data then had to be revised by the customer.

In addition to the digitalisation of warehouse and article management, another milestone was the connection of Odoo to the PURISH online shop. The integration was ensured by a Shopify Connector. This connector ensures that all orders are imported into Odoo and fulfilment can be carried out via MDE devices with the Odoo barcode app. The Shopify Connector also ensures that stock levels are synchronised between Odoo and Shopify and that fulfilment is exported to Shopify.
The online shop is the central and decisive platform for PURISH. We therefore had to set up further important modules for PURISH in Odoo to ensure smooth operation.

Those include:
● Contacts
● Sales
● ⁠Purchaising
● Warehouse (including barcode App)
● Production
● Accounting
● Third Party Apps (Shopify Connector, sendcloud Integration, Direct Print)

Many departments are involved in the operation of a successful online shop. Invoices must be posted and dispatched correctly, the warehouse and the purchasing department must always be informed about the current stock of items. We set up and optimised all these features for PURISH during the project.

Of course, the introduction of a new ERP system does not end with the go-live. We will make adjustments for PURISH in the future. This includes, for example, the switch to our own Shopify Connector. Among other things, this ensures that order changes in Shopify can be updated in Odoo via Order Update and offers the option of selecting the orders to be imported. During the project, one or two boulders came to light.

These included, for example, incorrect or missing stocks, the lack of master data quality at the start of the project, the creation of bundles or the integration of sendcloud, which required a lot of individual customising. Thanks to our agile project approach, however, we were able to overcome these hurdles quickly in a cooperative collaboration with PURISH. At the end of the project, PURISH had a paperless warehouse, digital processes in sales and other departments and happy employees – a success across the board.


The more than 3,000 orders placed via the online shop can now be processed much more efficiently thanks to Odoo and the error rates have demonstrably decreased through the use of barcodes and scanners. Thanks to the introduction of Odoo, PURISH’s warehouse is now paperless and the processes are efficient and digital. “Before the introduction, our processes were not optimised and the warehouse management system was not designed for these order volumes. Thanks to Odoo and, we were not only able to optimise the processes, but also significantly reduce the error rate for orders,” says Lucas Fischer, CEO of PURISH.

However, the introduction of Odoo at PURISH was only the first step towards digitalisation. Further sub-projects are planned for the future in collaboration with us. The integration and launch of further brands as fulfilment partners and with a multi-company setup should give PURISH its next growth spurt.

PURISH und Odoo

“Communication before, during and after the project was always open and solution-orientated. With, we had a partner at our side who was always available and solved problems quickly and in a targeted manner.”

Lucas Fischer


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