Tidy up your data

Do you still have an overview of your data?

The amount of data in your company is increasing day by day. Does the structuring and effective use of this data fall by the wayside? Then you’re not alone – many companies struggle with this problem.

Often, the reason comes from the heterogeneity of a company’s source systems: ERP, CRM, DMS or eCommerce, they all provide data that frequently exists in different places and in different formats in the company’s own IT landscape. Another problem: In addition to the resulting data silos, the amount of storage they need for all this data is increasing every day. The result: the available data can only be merged manually for efficient use.

With Data you solve just these problems

For our data lake platform, we rely on the current standard in data lake housing: Databricks.

Different formats and different storage locations belong to the past with the Data Lakehouse platform. During the implementation of Databricks, data is structured for data processing and data analysis, converted into a format optimized for queries, and stored in cloud storage. Databricks ensures that the already structured data for data processing and data analysis is created and harmonized in an optimized format in a cloud storage. This allows you to combine the processed data for reports and analyses to gain information.

Within the Data Lakehouse, data is professionally prepared and modeled so that regular, automated reports can be generated and ad hoc queries can be generated on logically consistent models and validated data. Databricks is currently the standard in data preparation and processing and is still based on the open source software version of Spark.

Your Benefits


The choice is yours: Databricks can provide server capacity either individually or as a cluster for data processing operations, depending on your needs.

Data Governance

You have the security: Data includes a security concept that regulates access to the data and makes the data flow efficiently.


You can choose: On premise or in the cloud, at Microsoft, Amazon or Google. When it comes to the subsequent choice of visualization tool, you are independent of the manufacturer and have free choice.

Data availability

Access live data: A solution is implemented with “Delta- Sharing”, which enables the secure data exchange of live data across platforms.

Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning: enables data preparation, streamlines cross-team collaboration, and standardizes the entire ML lifecycle from experimentation to production.

Reporting in Realtime

Be one step ahead of your competition: New data can be added to the dataset on a time-controlled basis at regular intervals or continuously. This means that real-time reporting is possible in addition to traditional reporting.

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