Before you start...

The go-live of a new system is always associated with excitement and many expectations. But just getting started without a plan? Never with us. Once your ERP is up and running, we prepare your employees to work with the new system.

Why onboarding is so important...

You probably know what it’s like – a new job, new colleagues and a lot of input. In the first few weeks in a new job, a good onboarding can be precious. It’s the same with a new ERP system. New functions, a new interface, new processes, etc. – not every employee can find his way around on his own. Again, a good, thorough onboarding is the be-all and end-all. Depending on the department, different functions of an ERP are used and employees have different technical skills. That’s why we work with your employees to prepare them in the best possible way for deployment and use, so that the transition to your new system is as seamless as possible. We know from years of experience that the success of such a project depends on the acceptance of your employees.

Our Onboarding at a Glance


We introduce you to the different areas of your ERP system. Whether merchandise management, CRM, accounting or sales – your ERP can map all specialized areas of your company and is a comprehensive tool.

User interface

The usability of a software often differs greatly from other systems. We show you and your employees the basic structure and help you to find your way around your new system.


Whether user management, labels, mandatory fields or general settings – your new ERP has various options and can be adapted to the individual needs of your organization and the employees.

To get a basic understanding of your new ERP, we explain which external services are connected to your ERP and how the communication between these services and your ERP works.


Different areas, different functionalities. We show you and your employees in detail which functionalities are available in the various modules and how you can make the best use of them.


To get a basic understanding of your new ERP, we explain which external services are connected to your ERP and how the communication between these services and your ERP works.


An important aspect of onboarding is answering your specific questions. Only if every employee has really understood everything and there are no more unanswered questions, the acceptance of your new ERP within your company can increase.

Success Stories

Individual customer requirements, individual projects: Read our success stories to find out which requirements we have successfully implemented for our customers.

Logo Mymarini

William Albright

Thanks to and ERP from xentral, we at MYMARINI were able to consolidate our various locations, stores and warehouse and also connect our flagship store via shopify. With the scripts coded for this purpose by, we can now use a central tool for our decentralized business model, which has more than paid off in a very short time.

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Christian Wolf
Founder More Nutrition

We are probably the most demanding, challenging customers you can imagine. At the same time, however, we are also a seal of quality – because anyone who can meet our expectations will be able to do anything. rescued us on many weekends (and even night actions) with speed and competence – so that IT problems were solved without customers noticing. The value created out of this is extreme. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

“With xentral we were able to optimize processes and structures that were created over the years by working with our own system. xentral offers us all the possibilities of a modern ERP system and can be optimally adapted to future requirements and new sales channels due to its good expandability.”


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