Success Story: How More Nutrition took their IT to the next level thanks to xentral and

Success Story xentral more nutrition

More Nutrition, that’s nutritional supplements with a seal of quality and a company on a rapid path of growth. Within a very short time, the company grew strongly thanks to sophisticated online marketing and was able to take pole position in a market characterised by crowding out. But this growth also had a downside: at peak times, up to 45,000 orders per day came in – the IT infrastructure could no longer keep up with the rapid growth.

The two founders, Michael Weigl and Christian Wolf, were quickly aware of this problem. The company started in 2017 with a monolithic, slightly customised shop solution that also had individual ERP functions. What was missing, however, was IT scalability and a connection to other service providers and systems. In order to ensure that the new system could scale with further growth of More Nutrition, the founders opted for a cloud-based solution. In addition to scalability and interfaces to other systems, the new ERP system should also map the classic functions such as accounting, merchandise management, purchasing and customer management.

After choosing xentral as the ERP system, was selected as the implementation partner. How this project became a success for both sides and why Christian Wolf claims to be the most strenuous and demanding customer, you can now read in our success story.