Lean ERP, efficient processes: greenyogashop goes xentral


You want to know why Marten Peyser, co-founder of greenyogashop, tells us that with xentral he was able to optimise processes and structures that had been created over the years by working with his own system? In our current success story, we show you how the two founders, their employees and the company benefit from the implementation Lean ERP-Systems xentral by ruhr.agency and what special requirements there were to overcome in this project.

With greenyogashop, the founders Marten Peyser and Stefan Miebach created an online shop for sustainable yoga accessories and lifestyle products, which has experienced strong growth since 2013. The structures and processes that have grown since then were covered for years with a specially programmed ERP. However, this no longer met the needs of the company. With xentral, a lean ERP system was finally found that met the requirements. ruhr.agency was to take over the implementation and handle the individual adjustments and connections to various external service providers.

Read here what they looked like in detail and why the founders of greenyogashop are very happy with the result: