How MYMARINI optimises its decentralised structures thanks to xentral ERP

success story xentral mymarini

Sustainability in both production and consumption is all the rage. How can we reduce our ecological footprint and leave a world worth living in for the next generations?

Mareen Burk asked herself these questions back in 2013, and her answer was to found a company for sustainable, fairly produced swimwear. MYMARINI is a label that produces functional and fashionable swimwear and accessories with a green conscience. What started small in 2013 has now become a well-run company with 17 employees, its own online shops, a flagship store and an extensive distribution network of local and online retailers.

The crux: the structures and processes could not keep up with the rapid growth. The use of a lean and efficient ERP system was to provide a remedy. When it came to Lean ERP, the choice fell on xentral and we were able to support MYMARINI with implementation, onboarding and customizing.

You can now read in our Success Story why William Albright, co-owner of MYMARINI, was able to state with satisfaction that thanks to and xentral, a central tool for the decentralized business model is now in use, which has optimized many processes.