Druckerspoolers v2 with new features released


Our printer spooler is the useful solution to print documents directly from xentral. It connects the Online with the Offline world and sets standards in terms of installation and features. Having enjoyed great popularity with the first version, we have now released the second version of the Druckerspooler with some useful new features. Those include:

  • revised code
  • better performance and faster printing
  • improved UI (due to the revision of V1 the operation is now cleaner and more user-friendly)
  • new feature of bug fixing


Especially the improved bugfixing we would like to explain in more detail at this point.

  1. Reset
  2. LOGS

In the unlikely event of a power failure or Internet outage, the spooler will switch to the “Inactive” mode due to the lack of license validation in the short case. Usually this can be easily fixed by clicking on “Start Spooler”.

However, since we have noticed over time that some customers have to deal with network problems more often or some, for example, switch off the power at night, we have added the new function“enforce Reset”.

Thus, the spooler is able to restart independently and switch itself active as soon as all conditions for operation are fulfilled again.

We have also upgraded in the case of bug handling and now have the function to download the log files . With the help of the log files, obvious sources of errors can usually be identified directly and thus contribute to rapid troubleshooting. The customer can easily access these via the spooler interface, download them and attach them to our support by mail.

If you don’t know our Druckerspooler for xentral ERP yet, you can learn all about the practical intermediate instance that makes printing directly from xentral ERP much easier here.