Adapterbox vs. Druckerspooler

Druckerspooler vs. Adapterbox

Our Druckerspooler for xentral ERP is very popular, as it solves an annoying problem: printing directly from xentral. Whether invoices or labels, with a cloud-based ERP these documents can often only be printed via file download in a roundabout way. However, the Druckerspooler from is not the only option for printing labels. The manufacturer’s own adapter box is also suitable as an intermediate instance of xentral and printer. Why did we at nevertheless develop our own Druckerspooler? Because the Druckerspooler has some valuable advantages in terms of its range of functions. In this article, we would like to briefly highlight what these are


xentrals’ own solution, the adapter box, is suitable for connecting a Zebra label printer and thus printing labels directly from xentral. If you want to interface several Zebra printers, you will need several adapter boxes. Printing of receipts is not possible with the adapter box. In addition, scales, the xentral POS and receipt printers can be connected via the adapter box.


The limitations of the adapter box and the previous xentral Druckerspooler were our motivation to develop our own Druckerspooler, which is easy to handle as well as allowing the interface of multiple peripherals. Our Druckerspooler is officially certified by xentral and allows the interface of up to six printers. The Druckerspooler can be used to print parcel labels and receipts as well as labels. In addition, the Druckerspooler supports all common manufacturers and models. The Druckerspooler is easily installed and configured via a web application. You can find all features and the technical setup here. There we also answer the most frequently asked questions.

You can buy the Druckerspooler directly in our online store.


If you do not want to print paper receipts or individual labels (not shipping labels) directly from xentral or operate a scale or xentral POS, then we recommend the adapter box.

If you would like to print paper receipts directly from xentral, run several devices via only one device or print (shipping) labels, you need the Druckerspooler.